Nevada City, CA
Use Permit - Commercial Generator at 135 Argall Wa
Application to the Planning Commission for a Use Permit to install a 150 Kw generator and a 600 Amp automatic transfer switch. The generator is being installed on a 4’4” x 12’2” pad located in back of the building, 27-feet from the rear property line, and 23-feet from the western, side property line.  It is intended to power the existing grocery store and restaurant during emergency electrical power shut offs. Pursuant to Section 17.36.020, 17.36.040 and 17.36.070 of the City Municipal Code, service uses in the LB designation shall be conducted wholly within an enclosed building, unless permitted by a Conditional Use Permit.  The project site is also designated within the City’s Scenic Corridor Combining District (SC), in recognition of areas designated as being particularly important to protect the existing essential character of Nevada City, namely that of a small, compact historical town surrounded by green, wooded hills.

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